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KINTSUGI and Lacquer Art Restoration
金継ぎ 漆芸修復 <平安堂 京都>

Concept わたしたちが大切にしていること

Return to the Earth 土にかえる

When we do kintsugi, We use only natural materials, and consciously work on the premise that everything should be returned to the earth.
Though it is convenient to use chemical materials for restoration, but they do not return to the earth , and their durability is still in its infancy. On the other hand, vessels restored with natural materials have survived for hundreds of years, solid evidence of their durability.
Our body too will eventually return to the earth, becoming part of a new life.
Because everything return to the earth, including lacquer, vessels, and us, We want to enjoy the beauty created by broken.


Featured Topics 注目のトピックス

  • 01

    Performed in the Vatican and 3 Italian cities.

    バチカン・イタリア3 都市で金継ぎを通して手仕事や職人文化の大切さを伝えました。
    In November 2022, at the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, our representative Kiyokawa gave a demonstration and lecture in the Vatican, Rome, and Venice, using kintsugi as a subject to convey the importance of handicraft artisan cultures around the world, which are being lost.


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  • 02

    Kiyokawa will appear on NHK World "DIRECT TALK".

    NHK World "DIRECT TALK"に出演しました。
    Broadcasting in 160 countries around the world!Kiyokawa will appear on "DIRECT TALK," a 15-minute interview program on NHK World introducing celebrities, artists, and scientists from Japan and abroad. The TV broadcast is scheduled for Tuesday, October 3 and Wednesday, October 4. The program will also be archived on the Internet for the next three years.
    世界160カ国で放送、NHK World に清川が出演。 NHK Worldで国内外の著名人、アーティスト、科学者を紹介する15分のインタビュー番組「DIRECT TALK」に清川が出演します。 テレビ放送は10月3日(火)・4日(水)を予定しています。またインターネット上で3年間アーカイブ視聴もできますので、是非ご覧ください。

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  • 03

    Kiyokawa's solo exhibition at the American Club

    Kiyokawa's solo exhibition at the American Club in Azabu, Tokyo, which will open on Wednesday, October 4. Approximately 30 works including large lacquer works were exhibited. The exhibition will be not only kintsugi works, but also a number of lacquer works, mainly large lacquer works. (All works are available for purchase).
    *Non-club members must make a reservation and be attended by our staff in order to enter.
    東京・麻布にある会員制クラブ「東京アメリカンクラブ」内のフレデリックハリスギャラリーにて、弊社代表の清川による個展を開催いたします。 展示では、金継ぎ作品だけでなく大型の漆芸作品を含む約30点を披露いたします。(作品は全てご購入いただけます)

    詳細をみる for more info>>

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Classic Kintsugi experience in Kyoto and Tokyo
You can experience Kintsugi decoration, one of the highlights of Kintsugi restoration. Also, you can learn the history and characteristics of kintsugi and urushi lacquer with some video and slides.


KINTSUGI Lessons in Kyoto and Tokyo
教室では、代表で漆芸修復師の清川廣樹が長年の職人生活で得た知識や様々な経験をもとにした、自然素材のみで行う古典的な金継ぎ修復を学ぶことができます。 京都と東京で開講しており、時間やレベルに応じていつくかコースをご用意しております。 また、金継ぎの1日体験も承っております。 In class, you can learn age-honored techniques of kintsugi restoration using only natural materials, directly from an inheritor of the tradition. Courses available in Kyoto and Tokyo, from beginner levels to advanced. A one-day Kintsugi experience option is also available.
Now accepting consultations


The private curriculum for short stay
We accept making a private curriculum that combines group and private lessons for every one who can stay only for a short while in Japan. This curriculum will be arranged according to your schedule as much as possible. We may not be able to teach you all the kintsugi method, however, we will do our best to teach you according to your stay term.

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